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LIXHT HYT-001 Hangers

We wanted to create a product that works, something that lasts and is not to obnoxious, something that blends in, looks fluid, and most of all, does the job better than everything else that is out there. We believe we achieved just that with the HYT-001 Hangers, and we are confident that You will think the same. 

Our hangers are low profile, they are not going to be in Your way, and if not in use (which, let's face it, will likely never happen) they look quite attractive. But that is not really what is so unique about them.

HYT-001 Double Hanger in Red

The HYT-001 Multi Hangers have been designed, so that they can be extended infinite times (optional on a track), that if required, You can have a whole hanging wall uninterrupted, which is not only visually more attractive but gives You at the same time more options to hang Your things. 

HYT_001 Multi Hanger Black

Hang Your Things You are asking? Yes, that is where the HYT comes from, but our multi-hangers are not limited to hanging Coats, Jackets, Scarfs, Handbags etc. they can do more than that... 

The design of the HYT-001 Multi Hangers allows You to put something behind the hooks. Have some mail or documents that You can't forget when leaving the house? That will be the right spot for it. Your wallet? Sure, that will fit. 

We believe that You will find countless ways to adapt our hangers, and are very excited to make them available to You.


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