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The Beginning

Hi, my name is Valentin Mittelstet. I’m the founder of LIXHT.

I started this company in Manitoba, Canada in 2014.

After having grown up with, seen, and owned too many pieces of furniture and other around-the-house things that either lacked in quality or aesthetics, or both, I finally decided to make everyday products that would outlive me and never go out of style, because they are wonderfully simple - and simplicity is timeless.


Our Values, Made in Canada

The most important part of all our products is that they work - work well and for a long time; so I start every design with that in mind.

The goal of every piece, is that it is of high quality, functional, and attractive. Functionality and aesthetics are taken care of by us, as we design everything we sell ourselves.

To ensure top-notch quality, we have partnered with several manufacturers here in Manitoba, and refuse to produce anywhere else. Keeping it "Made in Canada" is important to us for a couple of reasons:


  1. We can overlook the manufacturing process and be certain that it is up to the highest standards.
  2. We can be sure that every single person who works for us is treated well and compensated fairly.
  3. We reduce the travel distance of our products, and so hopefully contribute a small part to the protection of our environment.


This definitely adds to our production costs, and some might say that it makes LIXHT unaffordable. We disagree, as our products are purchased once and last a lifetime - or longer, whereas most other furniture and household items break every once in a while or simply don’t look good anymore, and thus are thrown out. This results in more money needing to be spent several times, and turns out to be much more expensive than buying our product just once.

Another reason we believe it is bad to buy low-quality products, is that with every piece of material that’s disposed of, we fill up landfills and harm our planet - which isn’t good for any of us.

Many people don’t think of these important points - and we want to change that as quickly as possible. We should all be more conscious and cautious when buying something, anything new.

Where We Are Now and Where We Hope To Be Soon

We started out by selling house numbers and mailboxes in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but knew very soon that we did not want to stop there.

As we are constantly working on new products, and don’t ever stop thinking about what is next, the release of a new piece is inevitable, and only ever a matter of time.

We now sell our products throughout North America, both through the LIXHT online store and dealers in numerous cities, and are increasing our presence on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, in order to be able to reach everyone, not just in Canada and the USA, but the world.


Our Vision

It is our vision to make a dent in mindless consumerism, and fill homes with good-looking products that are long-lasting, timeless, and won’t be thrown out by anybody, ever.