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Who we are, where we are from and other facts about us.

First, Thank You for being here, we are excited that you found us. This is our first blog post, so we thought we give you a small view into what LIXHT is, what we do, and what our values are.

Who are we?

You probably figured out by now what we are doing, but in case you didn't: We are a small ambitious, home-accessories and furniture brand. We are growing and very excited about it. You likely now us for our bestselling products, the VM-001 House-numbers and the VM-002 Mailbox, but we promise, that's not all, there is a lot more coming.

We made it a goal to design and manufacture products that are functional, simple to use and attractive. Quality products that will last a life time, and customer that are excited to own them. Additionally, we don't manufacture overseas, for multiple reasons, but mainly because we want to know that the people making our products are working in a fair environment and that when finished, the quality of the products matches our standards, and those are very high.

We don't follow movements (fashion etc.) because we truly believe that our products are long lasting and timeless, designing something that will be out of style in the near future would be a violation.

Where are we from?

Our studio and warehouse is located in a small city called Morden, in Manitoba, Canada and about a one hour car ride from Winnipeg, Manitoba. It's far from a bustling and fast-moving place, but it's great to be here. We will be sharing images and talk more about it in the future.

Where does the name come from?

We get that question often and the answer is quite simple. It's a wordplay on light, and the easiest way to explain is probably following:

LIXHT = Licht (German) + Light (English) x = c,g

If you made it all the way down here, Thanks for your time. And if you are interested to learn more about us, future product releases, news regarding shows etc. Please sign up for our Newsletter, follow us on Social media, and check back here regularly. If you have any questions related to our products or the brand, don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail. 

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